Activity 5.2

Suggestions for full-scale implementation of the ISWM system in Tinos Island

Activity 5.2 was fulfilled in conjunction with the completion of the 24-month demonstration period of the ISWM scheme. A guideline with suggestions has been developed for full-scale implementation of the ISWM in Tinos Island. The successful implementation of the guideline will be based on the data providing by the tasks of the Activity 5.1. Specifically, the evaluation of the results of the implementation activity has provided data regarding technical aspects, while the Life Cycle Analysis modelling reported data regarding environmental aspects.

The developed suggestions for the up-scaling of the an integrated solid waste management plan considering different scenarios will promote the best solution for a full-scale ISWM plan to the whole Municipality of Tinos, based on the pilot ISWM TINOS scheme of Pyrgos & Panormos (long-term sustainability), as well as other remote/insular areas (replicability) with similar characteristics.