Overall evaluation of the ISWM system/ Suggestions for full-scale implementation


Action 5 encompasses the overall evaluation of the pilot ISWM system applied to the selected communities of Pyrgos and Ormos Panormou of the Municipality of Tinos. Action 5 was initiated on 01.11.2012, as foreseen in the original proposal.


The objectives of Action 5 are:

  • Evaluation of the demonstration action
  • Evaluation of the results of the ISWM system and its operation
  • Life  Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Assessment of the performance of the prototype composting unit
  • Definition of especially designed instruments for the facilitation of the future implementation of the ISWM system in a full – scale
  • Provision of certain suggestions for the implementation of the ISWM system in a full – scale
  • Evaluation of the environmental benefits, the social benefits and the economic feasibility of the ISWM system


Action 5 shall be implemented in the two (2) activities.