Networking with other projects

Action 9 started on 01.10.2011, and similar to Action 6, 7 and 8, will last until the end of the project. Action 9 includes the Networking with other projects, which encompasses activities with the aim of promoting discussion and exchange of information with specialists working on similar fields.

Some indicative projects include:

  LIFE11 ENV/GR/000949: “Waste2Bio – Development and demonstration of an innovative method of converting waste into bioethanol”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2012-2015
website: http://www.waste2bio.eu/
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000566: “DRYWASTE – Development and demonstration of an innovative household dryer for the treatment of organic waste” – completed project
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000605: “Athens Biowaste – Integrated management of bio-waste in Greece – The case study of Athens”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2011-2014website: http://www.biowaste.gr/site/
Life 11 ENV/GR/000950: “Recycling@Home – Development and demonstration of an ecological, innovative system for in house waste recycling”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2012-2015website: http://www.recyclingathome.eu/site/
LIFE08 ENV/F/000486: “MINIWASTE – Design, implement and assess an innovative and sustainable plan to minimise municipal organic waste in EU States”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2010-2012website: http://www.miniwaste.eu/
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000070: “N.O. WA.S.T.E. – New Organic Waste Sustainable Treatment Engine: Implementation and Promotion of a System for the household organic waste treatment and domestic composting”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2010-2013website: http://www.lifenowaste.it/
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000622: “WASP Tool – Development and demonstration of a waste prevention support tool for local authorities”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2011-2014website: http://galaxy.hua.gr/~WASPtool/
PREWASTE, INTERREG IV C PROJECT “Improve the effectiveness of waste prevention policies in EU territories 0694R2”, 2010-2012website: http://www.prewaste.eu/index.php
ZERO WASTE PROJECT (1G-MED08-533): “Low Cost – Zero Waste Municipality”, 2009-2012
website: http://www.med-zerowaste.eu/zerowaste.html
LIFE 09 ENV/GR/000307: “Energy Waste – Energy Exploitation of Non-Recyclable Urban Waste in an Sustainable waste to Energy Market ENERGY WASTE”, European Commission, LIFE+, 2011-2013. Website: http://www.energywaste.gr/
LIFE12 ENV/GR/000427: “Reclaim – Landfill mining pilot application for recovery of invaluable metals, materials, land and energy”. European Commission, LIFE, 2013-2016. website: http://www.reclaim.gr
LIFE14 ENV/GR/000858: “LIFE RE-WEEE – Demonstration of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Prevention and Reuse Paradigms”. European Commission, LIFE, 2016 – 2019. website: www.reweee.gr
LIFE14 ENV/GR/000722: “PAVEtheWAySTE: Demonstrating resource efficiency through innovative, integrated waste recycling schemes for remote areas”. European Commission, LIFE, 2015-2018. website: www.pavethewayste.eu
FP7 – Energy 2009-1 Grant 241334 “VALORGAS – Valorisation of Food Waste to Biogas”, 2010-2013. Website: http://www.valorgas.soton.ac.uk