Activity 8.1

Development of End-of-Action Reports

In the framework of Activity 8.1, the development of end-of-action reports is envisaged.

The end-of-Action reports will contain information on the work done within the Action and comparison with the objectives that have been set up at the beginning of project will be made.


You can download:

The End-of-first-action Report (Deliverable 8-1) here

The End-of-second-action Report (Deliverable 8-2) here

The End-of-third-action Report (Deliverable 8-3) here

The End-of-fourth-action Report (Deliverable 8-4) here

The End-of-fifth-action Report (Deliverable 8-5) here

The End-of-sixth-action Report (Deliverable 8-6) here