Activity 7.1

Kick-off meeting in Tinos Island
In the framework of Activity 7.1, the kick-off meeting of the project was implemented. The project kick-off meeting took place in Tinos Island, at the Meeting Room of the Tinos Municipality Council (Old Municipality Building), on 04.11.2011 in the morning and was organized by TINOS in collaboration with all partners. Prior to the kick-off meeting, the agenda was prepared and sent to all beneficiaries.  Fifteen (15) participants attended the meeting, as listed below: (1) TINOS: Panagiotis Krontiras (Mayor), Ioannis Zalonis (Vice Mayor), Stefanos Lagouros (Vice Mayor), Anastasios Vidalis, Irene Lazoura, Antonis Kastorinis, Stamatia Micheli, (2) NTUA: Konstantinos Moustakas, Katerina Valta, Evina Katsou, Simeon Malamis, Christos Michalopoulos,  (3) UNIVR: Franco Cecchi, David Bolzonella, (4) CERTH/ISFTA: Aristeidis Nikolopoulos. Some photos from the kick-off meeting are presented below.

Photos from the kick-off meeting, Tinos Island, Meeting Room of the Tinos Municipality Council (Old Municipality Building), on 04.11.2011

During the kick-off meeting the following were executed:

  1. Partners’ presentation.
  2. Project presentation (objectives, actions, deliverables, milestones).
  3. Formulation of the Management Committee and proposals for the synthesis of Steering Committee.
  4. Allocation of responsibilities – Action plan – Assignment of action leaders for each action to be responsible for the successful completion of the actions. Formulation of the coordination group.
    1. Presentation of the LIFE Common Provisions.
    2. Planning of the next actions of the project for the near future.


Furthermore, before the kick-off meeting an agenda of the event had been prepared. Moreover, presentations have been also prepared. Finally, the minutes of the kick-off meeting have been produced in English and in Greek.


You can download:

The agenda of the meeting in English here and in Greek here

The presentations here

The minutes of the kick-off meeting in English (Deliverable 7-1EN) here and in Greek (Deliverable 7-1GR) here