Action 7

Project management

Action 7 is an action of high importance and is strongly related to the effective implementation of the project and the achievement of its objectives. It includes the management activities which are implemented by the Coordinating Beneficiary in collaboration with the Associated Beneficiaries of the project.

The Coordinating Beneficiary of the project is the Municipality of Tinos (TINOS) which is solely legally and financially responsible for the project implementation and project management. The project Associated Beneficiaries are: the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Università degli studi di Verona (UNIVR) and the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas/ Institute for Solid Fuels Technology & Applications (CERTH/ISFTA).

The objectives of Action 7 are:

•             Organization of project meetings and of the kick-off meeting

•             Timely and efficient co-ordination of project actions

•             Ensuing financial and technical management of the project

•             Reporting regularly to the EC on the technical & financial progress of the project

Action 7 has started on 01.10.2011 and will last until the end of the project.