Activity 6.1

Launching Event in Tinos Island

In the framework of Activity 6.1, the launching event of the ISWM-TINOS project was organized and it finally took place at the Cultural Centre of Pyrgos in Tinos, on November 4th 2011 in the afternoon. During the launching event the goals and the main actions of the project were presented. Moreover, issues related to solid waste management, such as the existing legislation and solid waste management treatment technologies, were discussed.

Photos from the launching event in the Cultural Centre of Pyrgos in Tinos


Pyrgos is located at the north part of Tinos Island and it is the capital of the Municipal Unit of Panormos. Pyrgos (along with Ormos of Panormos) is the participating community to ISWM-TINOS project. Prior to the launching event a press released was announced on 31.10.2011 at the online newspaper of Tinos: THNIAKH online. It was prepared in Greek and it was intended to invite the public and interested parties to the launching event of ISWM-TINOS project. Following the press release, other internet announcements were also launched. During the event, a brochure in the Greek language has been distributed to the participants. Moreover, prior to the launching event, a poster had been prepared and erected by the Coordinating Beneficiary to different places in the Island as presented below.


Posters for the launching event erected in Tinos Island

Furthermore, before the launching event an invitation and the agenda of the event had been prepared. The event was covered by Exomvourgo TV. After the event, a 2nd Press Release in Greek was announced at the THNIAKH online. Additionally, other announcements on the internet after the launching event have been launched. Finally, the minutes of the launching event have been produced in English and in Greek.


You can download:

The 1st Press Release (Deliverable 6-1) here

The announcements to the internet prior to the launching event (Deliverable 6-2(+)) here

The brochure (Deliverable 6-3(+)) here

The poster (Deliverable 6-4(+)) here

The 2nd Press Release (Deliverable 6-5(+)) here

The announcements to the internet after the launching event (Deliverable 6-6(+)) here

The TV cover video (Deliverable 6-7(+)) here (right click, “Save as”)

The minutes of the launching event in English (Deliverable 6-8EN) here and in Greek (Deliverable 6-8GR) here.