Activity 3.1

Setting of the scheme for the separation of MSW at source in the Municipality of Tinos

In the framework of Activity 3.1, the scheme for the separation of MSW at source (households) at the Municipality of Tinos was put into practice, since June 10th, 2013. All necessary consumables and means, comprising the indoor and outdoor equipment for the participating households, were ordered and purchased. All partners agreed on the selection of the appropriate bags and baskets. Moreover, a notice board (1st notice board) was designed, describing the project and was displayed at various setting places of the bins, bearing the LIFE logo and the logo of the project. It is noted that the setting of the ISWM scheme was accomplished in two phases (A & B). Phase A started from June 10th, 2013 and included the setting of the outdoor bins and distribution of temporary storage means (reusable bags in three colours) to the participants, for the separation at source of dry recyclables (i.e. paper/paperboard, glass, plastic & metal(joint collection). A Waste Transfer Station was also prepared, hosting three (3) containers of higher capacity for the temporary storage of the pre-sorted dry recyclables. The fully loaded containers with the pre-sorted materials are transferred periodically from Tinos island to a Recycling Sorting Center (RSC) in Attica region.  Phase B was initiated on July 29th, 2014, incorporating the setting of the outdoor bins and the distribution of indoor equipment (i.e. biodegradable bags & kitchen caddies) to the participants and following the construction and installation of the prototype composting unit in the area of the project implementation, in Tinos island. Find more information on the relevant raising awareness events which took place in Activity 6.2.