Action 6

 Action 6 includes a variety of dissemination activities that shall take place in order to disseminate the project actions and results to all interested parties, stakeholders, target groups and the public.

The objectives of Action 6 are the following:

  • Raise awareness of relevant authorities and the public with respect to solid waste management and separate MSW collection schemes
  • Demonstration of the implementation of separate MSW collection schemes to relevant authorities and target groups
  • Demonstration of the operation of the prototype aerobic composting unit to relevant authorities and target groups
  • Inform other interested parties on the project development and main findings
  • Inform the International Community and especially Islands on the progress and findings of the project
  • Disseminate the project’s demonstration/operation activity to other regions
  • Develop relevant website, train the participants to the pilot at source collection scheme and the operators to operate and maintain the ISWM system, organize the launching event and the International Conference in Tinos, develop and distribute informative material, perform publications

In order to achieve its objectives, seven (7) Activities have been proposed. These are:

Activity 6.1: Launching Event in Tinos Island

Activity 6.2: Raising awareness event in Tinos Island

Activity 6.3: Organization of the training sessions and the demonstration activity

Activity 6.4: Development and updating of the project’s website

Activity 6.5: Organization of the International Conference in Tinos Island

Activity 6.6: Layman’s report

Activity 6.7: Development and distribution of informative material, leaflets brochures etc


Action 6 has started on 01.10.2011 and will last until the end of the project.