Activity 2.2

Design of the prototype aerobic composting unit

In the framework of Activity 2.2, the prototype composting unit which will be set at Tinos Island was designed. The design of the pilot composting system was carried out in Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software by NTUA.

The innovative composting unit consists of six (6) interconnected systems that are combined in order to transform daily collected biowaste into a useful end-product (compost) that can be applied as soil fertilizer for cultivation purposes. Namely, the six (6) interconnected systems are:

  1. The system for accomplishing the feeding procedure.
  2.  The bioreactor.
  3.  The system for agitating the processed organic substrate inside the bioreactor.
  4.  The active aeration system for the provision of oxygen so as to ensure optimum aerobic conditions for the microfauna biological activities during composting.
  5.  The piping system for the management of the produced leachates.
  6.  The system for the extraction and collection of the produced compost.

You can download Deliverable 2-3 here (limited access).