Action 2

Planning and designing an Integrated Solid Waste Management system for the Municipality of Tinos

Action 2 includes the conduction of the ISWM-Plan for selected communities of Tinos which will participate in the ISWM-System. Based on the ISWM-Plan the setting of the scheme of separate collection of recyclables and biowaste will be organized. Moreover, it includes the design of the prototype composting unit. Action 2 was initiated on 01.01.2012 and was completed on 31.05.2012.

The objectives of Action 2 were:

  • Design of the ISWM plan to be implemented to a selected community of the Municipality of Tinos.
  • Design of the pilot aerobic composting unit to be demonstrated at the Municipality of Tinos

In order to achieve its objectives two (2) Activities were foreseen.