Activity 1.1

Identification of needs and review of existing systems concerning municipal solid waste management in the Municipality of Tinos

The main scope of Activity 1.1 is the identification of needs (What types of waste are currently generated and in what quantities) and the review of existing situation concerning solid waste management (How is waste currently managed, where are the uncontrolled disposal points located?) in Tinos.

In the framework of Activity 1.1, Deliverable 1-1 entitled: A report on the existing situation concerning solid waste management in the Municipality of Tinos, was prepared. This report reviews the current situation in regard to MSW management in Tinos Island in order to identify the needs for an integrated and sustainable MSW management. Therefore this report incorporates information on the natural and human environment of the area under investigation and it specifies the sources, quantities and composition of MSW along with the existing management practices that are currently being employed in the wider area of Tinos Municipality. It is concluded that neither treatment facilities nor safe disposal sites of MSW are operating in Tinos Municipality and that the development of a rational integrated system is imperative and of most importance in order to contribute to the effective and sustainable management of MSW.

The report has been completed on time and it was later amended in order to include new data and information which was available to the working group of ISWM-TINOS in a later phase. Such information includes:

  • Quantitative data on specific waste streams including waste of electric and electronic equipment, used tires, end-of-life vehicles.
  • ┬áThe Decision of the Regional Vice Governor of the Southern Aegean for the termination of the uncontrolled landfill site at Tsiknia at the Municipal Community of Exomvourgo.

The report was conducted in Greek language as it was decided by the Coordinating Group since it is of interest of all the residents of Tinos Island.

You can download Deliverable 1-1 here.
The Extended Summary in English is available here.